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Scala kit XL

This totally innovative shelving/room divider can be assembled lengthwise, upright or as steps. The number of shelves can be increased or decreased to suit your needs. The maximum height should not exceed 1.9 metres, while, the maximum width can reach 5.5 m (with height of 0.8 m) or 4 m (h 1.2 m).
8=15! Extra shelves are created when assembling the system, because there are no redundant walls. The dovetail joints of the modules ensure strong and secure stability. 

The 11-layer laminated natural plywood guarantees a long service life. Each of the S-modules can be placed in the system facing either forward or backward – as a shelf or back wall.
The kit XL includes eight S-modules and plenty of additional pieces for assembling endless configurations.
Please note, that some of the set-up images contain more than eight S-modules – the kit XL.
The table in the above video is ART desk

€ 1599

€ 1499 (incl. delivery in continental EU)

Perfect for home office

Natural materials

Timeless design

Tool-free assembly

Free delivery

You will not be charged for delivery within the continental EU.
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kit XL (1 shelf=endless variations)  incl. eighth basic S-modules + extras €1499


30-day money back guarantee

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