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SCALA shelving kit XL

made of nordic plywood

MODULAR SHELVING SCALA is made of natural nordic plywood and based on a single, smart unit: S-module.

Assembling them creates a solid honeycomb-like structure, which allows YOU to build an infinite number of variations.

DESIGNned for a new ERA · Perfect for HOME OFFICE

modular shelving · future·furniture · embakumba era

Shelving system, that changes according to your needs

This INGENIOUS modular shelving helps you to organise your space according to your changing needs. Embakumba SCALA is ideal for use on walls as well as in the middle of rooms as a divider. All the basic
S-modules are horizontally reversible, thus making the shelving accessible from one, mixed or both sides.

Timeless design

Firstly, when creating a classic look – clarity is essential. The human eye is drawn to symmetry and balance. Regardless of changing decorating styles, above all, Scala’s design will always be contemporary.

Natural materials

Secondly, plywood combines the natural warmth of timber with the durability and strength of engineered panels. The even layering of dark and light wood lends a crisp, linear detail to your shelves and reminds everybody that plywood is both natural and manufactured material.

Tool-free assembly

Thirdly, shelving can be assembled easy and quickly, enabling to create set-ups in various heights, widths and steps. Thanks to the smart dovetail joints, re-arranging is the most simple and requires no tools.

endless variations

effortless (re)assembly

the shelving kits

Scala shelves come in three different kits: M, L and XL.
When kit M is designed to be an all-mighty shelf, that can turn into several  variations, the kit L and kit XL offer nearly endless combinations and variations for your home (or) office settings.
Natural nordic 11-layer plywood ensures long life with timeless design.


the kit M ↓

can turn into six different variations and it’s a great fit for any home, home office or office setting.

the kit L ↓

offers up to 10 shelf spaces and nearly endless variations. Use it as room divider or convenient space for your stuff, books and files.

the kit XL ↓

allows you to turn an entire wall into convenient storage spaces or divide your room according to the actual needs. The kit with eight S-modules offers up to 15 different shelf spaces.

the S-module ↓

uses smart dovetail joint to snap firmly to eachother and additional pieces. The modules are horisontally reversrible. A steel backwall can be used as magnetic- or whiteboard etc.

The kits are available in black or white on the solid plywood structure.

produced by standard.ee


THE INITIAL CHALLENGE was to create a solution for the continuously changing needs of the office environments. And the people in co-working spaces found it perfectly suited their needs.
In the new era, it works perfectly for converting a home into a home office (and vice versa).

This systematic solution helps you divide rooms into zones and create sufficient and convenient storage “nests”.  The unique structure enables endless combinations for creating personalised space – designed by you, based on your actual needs. Multi-functional, minimalist, economical, ecological and durable.


  • the natural structures, like honeycombs, termite nests, etc;
  • the functional solutions used in wooden architecture for centuries, like tenon joints;
  • creative building games.

“Assembly of the shelves went pretty smoothly. Not all the pieces were currently used, but in the future, if we want / have to move the shelf elsewhere, we can use these pieces and erect the shelving in an another set-up.”

Great products/design!
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