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The Renaissance of Workspace Design: Balancing Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Evolution of Workspace Aesthetics Workspace design has undergone a significant evolution over the centuries. From the purely functional layouts of the Industrial Age to today’s ergonomic environments, the shift has been dramatic. The 19th century introduced a blend of utility and beauty in machinery designs, like the elegantly crafted Singer sewing machines, suggesting that […]

The Artistry of Functional Design: How Modern Furnishings Reflect Our Changing World

Understanding Functional Art in Design Functional art in design is an emerging trend that challenges the traditional boundaries between utility and aesthetics. This approach is a response to the desire for unique, engaging elements in everyday spaces, including workplaces. In this context, furniture is not just a tool for tasks but a piece of art […]

Designer Eero Jürgenson: “Embassy – a kind of oasis”

Our friend Katrin Veiksaar at Italian Estonia Magazine made a brief article about our Lead Designer Eero Jürgenson and one of his latest projects. Here’s a loosely translated version of the article. Thank you again Katrin for a lovely chat! Original piece: https://cultura-e-lifestyle-estonia.webnode.it/l/il-designer-eero-jurgenson-lambasciata-e-una-specie-di-oasi/# Designer Eero Jürgenson: “Embassy – a kind of oasis” K: Eero Jürgenson, […]

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