We thrive to present the world with beautiful & carefully designed products that last throughout time

-Eero Jürgenson, Interior Architect and ART’s Chief Designer

We combine NORDIC DESIGN, NATURE and FUNCTIONALITY into beautiful pieces of furniture and carefully chosen accessories.

Quality is ensured by using only the best components and materials

To us, producing top quality is more than just a goal. It’s our ambition.

Nature is present: Our main material is solid birch plywood from Nordic forests

And we are proud to showcase the sustainable material. And hey, it’s also just stunning to look at.

The manufacturing is done right. And to us, that’s one of the keys to success

Sustainability and workers’ rights are important to us. Because of this we are proud of the fact that the ART Desk is manufactured in Estonia, Northern Europe.

Good and simple packaging is important. The ART Desk comes in three parts

Our boxes are made from environmentally friendly cardboard. Inside you can find plastic – please recycle.

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